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Event Marketing

event marketing


Supporting You with Your Event Marketing

At Outsourced Events we have the in-house expertise and systems to support you with your event marketing, helping you to attract the right delegates to your event. By ridding yourself of the day to day distraction of an ever growing admin list to get on top of, you can focus on the things that count, like high level planning and marketing strategy.

Our team of London event professionals can create an event marketing plan, suggesting tried and tested methods to get bums on seats.


Social Media Engagement

Social media is an increasingly important element of a modern developed event marketing strategy. We have the team and the tools in-house to develop your social media presence from wherever it’s currently at, and reach out to potential delegates across platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

If you’d prefer to work with us on a more of a consultancy basis when it comes to digital marketing, you can take advantage of the skills and experience our team of event marketing professional’s offer and apply it to your own marketing strategy. However you want to work, we can adapt to your needs and your requirements.


Email Marketing

Outsourced Events is a DPA approved company, which means we can securely hold your prospect data and use it to put together sophisticated email marketing campaigns. Once we have built and set up your campaign, we can then distribute emails directly from our own system or provide you with an html or oft file so you can upload it straight into yours.

Our email marketing campaigns can be highly automated, allowing us to specify certain wording or attachments to go out to specific predefined prospect groups. We can then automate response emails to go out after certain actions are performed (ie a prospect clicks a link in an email or visits a certain section of your website). As with all our event marketing we will also work with you on a consultancy and advisory basis as well, helping you develop your own prospect list and target the right contacts for the right event.



Telemarketing is still one of the most direct and powerful marketing methods when it comes to selling tickets for an event. Bar actual face to face meets, there’s nothing quite as compelling as speaking directly to another human being on the phone. Our highly professional, knowledgeable and friendly team have years of experience talking up events and understand exactly the right kind of tone to take when it comes to generating ticket sales.

As well as cold calling prospects, we’ll also chase up warm leads who have shown an interest in attendance to ‘seal the deal’ and confirm their attendance on the day.


Data Input & Lead Generation

Data is at the heart of so much of what we do when it comes to event marketing but it doesn’t stop when the last delegates leave and the vendors and exhibitors are packing up. In many respects that is where it all begins. Our end to end data management service means we input all lead and evaluation reports post event, so you have a clear and detailed view of where the opportunities for lead generation are.

We can also cleanse this data, reviewing it before migrating it to your own templates so your marketing team can work with it directly from within your own system straight away.
Finally, if you opt to use our revolutionary onsite registration and print on demand badging software, data collection and reporting at your event can be massively simplified. By using our API you can even feed information directly into your own database, allowing you to see delegate data in real-time, along with a whole raft of detailed post event reports and insights.


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