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Event Badging and Registration


Event Badging and Registration Designed by Event Industry Professionals

No matter how well organised your event is, getting people registered and checked in quickly and efficiently on the day is one of the most stressful and challenging processes you’ll face. However well you plan, queues can be inevitable when your staff have to search through boxes of pre-printed badges to get people through the door. When first impressions count, lengthy queues can easily set your event off on the wrong foot and create a bad impression amongst delegates. We’ve been working in this industry for a long time and we really do feel your pain when it comes to painfully slow onsite registration. We know the importance of first impressions when it comes to events and this invariably starts at the check-in desk. It’s the reason we decided to build a print on demand event registration and badging service that’s fit for the digital age.



Modernise your Onsite Check-In Experience

Using advanced technology, our proprietary badging and registration software is fast, secure and flexible, allowing you to track attendees in real-time whilst registering and printing delegate badges in seconds instead of minutes.

With its simple table based interface and easy setup, our system enables you to print delegate information directly onto adhesive labels, which can then be affixed to practically any surface. Say goodbye to lengthy queues and boxes of pre-printed badges cluttering up your check in desk with Outsourced Events badging and registration service.

But the benefits don’t stop at the check-in desk. With full end-to-end data management options and the ability to track delegates in real-time via our API, our onsite registration service allows you to maximise the potential of your event, whilst seamlessly tying your pre and post event marketing together.

Setup is simple and painless. We just issue you with a licence, which then enables you to log in directly and securely to your own portal where you can view delegate data in real-time. We can also create a bespoke registration page for your attendees, allowing them to register themselves online.


Fully Customisable to your Needs

We can tailor our service to suit any set of event requirements, from small corporate events to large international trade shows. Our service offering includes:


Option of self-service check-in or look-up facility

If you’d prefer to allow your attendees to register themselves then our print-on-demand service allows for a complete self-service setup. Alternatively, if you’d prefer the personal touch then our traditional tablet based look-up facility allows you to find, register and print your delegate’s badge in mere seconds.


Bar Code and QR Code tracking

Our onsite registration service doesn’t stop at the check-in desk. By allowing you to print off individualised QR and bar codes, delegates can use their badges to gain entry to specific events or talks that they’ve signed up to attend. This service also allows you to track which delegates attended which events.


API feeds into client databases

Our API can plug directly into your database, allowing you to access meaningful data from your event and import it into your own systems. This allows your sales and marketing departments to follow up directly with interested parties and identify new prospects.


Work with any badge format you desire

Our print-on-demand badging service prints delegate information directly onto adhesive white or transparent labels. This leaves you free to work with just about any badge format you desire. This allows you to source high quality badges, without the need to get delegate information pre-printed, saving money when it comes to ‘no-shows’.


Dedicated Service Team

Our badging and registration service is completely self sufficient and easy to use, but that doesn’t mean we’re not available if you need help or advice. Our dedicated service team are all event professionals with years’ experience in the industry. We can even turn up at your event on the day to help you setup.


End to End Data Management (or ‘Beyond Badging’)

The benefits of running an event don’t end when you pack up and go home. In fact by harvesting intelligent and useful data on your delegates during the event, many of the biggest benefits from your event could be yet to come. Our service goes beyond badging by providing a full end-to-end customisable data management platform. This allows you to build up a picture of your delegates, from pre-event registration through to onsite real-time tracking and post-event analysis. Our API can even feed this data directly into your own systems. We’ll even do all the post-event data cleansing and migration to fit with your templates, meaning your team can get straight down to the task of analysing and acting on it.


Print-on-demand badging and onsite registration really is only the beginning of what our service can bring to your next event. Call us on +44 (0)20 8995 9495 to find out more.


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