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Thought-Leadership Articles

British Neuroscience Association: Festival of Neuroscience 2021

Outsourced Events successfully supported and helped pioneer the first virtual BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience and produced an abundance of virtual-event converts. Across four days, from 12 – 15 April, the 1,500+ delegate event was triumphant in delivering an outstanding replacement for the usual live-event predecessors.  … Read More »

How Digital Technology is Reshaping the Events Industry

A lot has changed in the last 12 months for everyone, not least for the events industry. The pandemic has changed the way we communicate, as well as the way we perceive and experience events. As we start to see a route out of government restrictions, we take a look at how technology has taken a leap forward and is reshaping the events   … Read More »

Getting the most from your agency

With so many events agencies in the marketplace, it is often difficult for organisations to hone down which one will be the best fit for their requirements. We explore how to choose the best agency for your organisation, what you can do to enhance the results and what to look for when working together.  … Read More »

A Guide to Virtual Event Marketing: Event Day, Expectations and Engagement

On event day, don’t think your event marketing is done! You should be promoting your event as it happens and for the duration. This will help maintain a buzz, create a fear of missing out and help encourage interest for your next event.   … Read More »

InFocus: Arlo

‘In Focus’ is Arlo, a registration management tool we used for the 2020 Royal College of Occupational Therapists annual conference. Read on for our thoughts on this tool   … Read More »

Small event. Big impact.

How roundtable events have proved to be successful in the virtual world. When you think of ‘events’ your mind may naturally wander towards big groups of people. Whilst we do indeed manage events with thousands of people, we also have and manage a portfolio of smaller and more intimate events. This article focuses on one format that has proved to work well in the virtual environment; roundtable events.  … Read More »

Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Becoming an Event Manager

You can start your career in the event management industry from a variety of backgrounds. Studying event management via a dedicated course or obtaining a specific university degree is a great way to get into the profession and land an event manager role straight out of school. There are many different types of industries that you can focus on when searching for an event manager role based on your interests.   … Read More »

The First Association Knowledge Exchange

On Thursday 25th February Outsourced Events chaired our first Association Knowledge Exchange, an hour-long roundtable with a select group of our key contacts representing medical, education and industrial Associations. Sue Frye, our Director of Associations (with over 30 years’ experience in the sector) facilitated the session supported by Denise Sharpe, one of our Managing Directors.   … Read More »

A Guide to Virtual Event Marketing: Communication Strategy

The strength and importance of a great event marketing campaign cannot be underestimated, and so we have designated a permanent slot in our newsletter to discuss all things marketing. This month we look at the importance of communication strategy in marketing your virtual event.  … Read More »

Outsourced Events & Brexit

An unexpected, and not altogether unwelcome, consequence of the pandemic is that the full effects of Brexit have not yet hit Outsourced Events as a company. For some two years members of the team have been trying to prepare for working with whatever deals were negotiated as part of our exit from Europe but, as I am sure many of you have also experienced, hard and fast facts about incoming rules and regulations have been very hard to come by. By 31 January 2020 all we really knew was that there would be a lot more paperwork and therefore a lot more time required in our planning process.  … Read More »

InFocus: Social27

‘In Focus’ is Social27, a virtual event platform used by Veeva Systems for their Commercial & Medical Europe, Summit Online, for which we provided support. Read on to learn our thoughts on this platform.   … Read More »

Outsourced Engagement – A Sneak Preview

The pandemic has required businesses to innovate the products and services that they offer and change the way that their organisations work to meet the needs of the “new normal”. Outsourced Events is no exception. Whilst our name has always been one of our most powerful marketing tools (harking back to advertisements of old “it does what it says on the tin”), it has also been a double-edged sword.  … Read More »

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