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Thought-Leadership Articles

The Power of Podcasts

Over the past few years, the popularity of podcasts has grown exponentially and the power of the podcast in a marketer’s toolkit even more so.   … Read More »

The Future of Events

We are in an unprecedented position with the pandemic; with no historical data to rely upon to help predict the next 12 months many organisations are finding it hard to plan for the future. Denise uses her years of experience and limited data to predict what the future event landscape could look like.   … Read More »

What Diversity and Inclusivity looks like at Outsourced Events

We were recently asked by a prospective client what inclusivity means to us at Outsourced Events. Initially, the question took us by surprise as, I think we are so used to ensuring inclusivity at every stage of both our organisation and our event management that we’ve never thought to outline it.  … Read More »

Events and Sustainability: More than a Gimmick

Reducing the negative repercussions of your event will soon become a priority across the business and social landscapes globally. By taking small, conscientious steps, your event can be good for the planet, in turn good for your event and its guests.  … Read More »

InFocus: Return to Onsite Events

On Monday September 6th, after 554 days, some of the Outsourced Events team finally returned onsite with the Enotria & Coe Decantment at The Brewery.   … Read More »

UK Citrix User Group – A Technology User Group Success Story!

In 2010, a few dedicated Citrix engineers and consultants decided that the UK had gone without a proper Citrix user group for long enough.   … Read More »

How Associations Capture the Student and Early Career Audience

Many of the associations we assist have a key focus on their student and early career members. Delving deeper to discover what attracts these specific crowds helps us to adapt our event to fulfil their needs and engage the target audience.   … Read More »

Choosing Your Event Format

Amy looks at the new conundrum facing event organisers – which event format should the event be held in? With the choice of virtual, hybrid and in-person events there is a lot to consider when you a looking to achieve optimum engagement and delegate satisfaction.   … Read More »

Return to In-Person Events

Event kits are being prepped, registration software and printers are being checked and final details are being discussed with venues. As the attention shifts from the virtual world of the past 18 months, what should you be considering as you prepare to return to in person events?   … Read More »

InFocus: LaunchPad6

LaunchPad6 is a competition management platform allowing you to create, personalise and manage contests and the judging process easily and efficiently. We decided that this would be the best solution for an event that recently launched, the Hack the Planet Competition 2021.   … Read More »

Introducing Outsourced Engagement

Celebrating our 20th anniversary this year has been an important milestone, particularly given the situation that we are all faced with the pandemic. We have always been extremely fortunate to have amazing clients that trust in the services that we provide.   … Read More »

The Great Hybrid Debate

Whilst we can agree that a hybrid event includes face-to-face and virtual aspects over a set period of time, a recent Swapcard survey (n=360 event professionals) confirms a little over 30% do not have a clear idea of what a hybrid event is, particularly a fixed definition and structure of this model (Swapcard, 2021).  … Read More »

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