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Marketing – USA versus EMEA



Having worked with a number of global businesses, headquartered in the US, we’ve learnt that there are several things that firms need to consider when marketing from across the pond into the EMEA region. This ranges from the obvious, like language differences, through tone of voice to employment law and data protection. With this in mind, our MD Denise Sharpe has put together a check list of ten points to think about when putting together your marketing strategy to grow your business in EMEA.


Ensure you have sales presence in the region

We would suggest that you really need to have a sales presence within EMEA before you start marketing into the region.


Partner with complimentary vendors

Finding other businesses that offer complimentary services or products and that are marketing to your target will be a huge help. You can share ideas and knowledge as well as offering a more complete solution. In some cases you could share costs too.


Use a native speaker for translations

Where ever possible, use a native speaker for each translation to avoid any grammatical errors or mistakes. Some languages don’t translate directly into others, so the meaning can be lost or worse, changed into something entirely different! Check hashtags too just in case you have inadvertently created a PR disaster. Badly translated text gives a poor impression and is bound to affect your reputation.


Check the tone of voice for each country

We all know that the more you can personalise your marketing, then the more effective it will be. Each country within the EMEA region has a different style of writing and tone of voice, so check this before you send any collateral. A native speaker can help with this too.


Local knowledge of trade shows

With so many trade shows available across Europe, it’s hard to know which will give you the best return. Engaging an agency with local and industry knowledge to do the leg work for you is a good idea. They can even take the strain by managing all the logistics, administration, stand build and promotions, so all you have to do is turn up for the show.


Local suppliers for exhibitions

Look for suppliers local to your trade shows as they can often give you a better price and will have knowledge of the venue and show.


Outsource to experienced people

It may seem obvious, but sometimes, the particular event or service that you envision may not be something that has ever been seen in that region before. Look for a supplier who has done something similar.


Think about where to find relevant data

If you’re breaking into a new region, then you are going to need data. Again local knowledge here is invaluable.


Data protection laws

Your data supplier should know what these are, so remember to ask.


Labour law and relevant insurance and liability

Again, if you’ve outsourced to an experienced team, then they should have this covered, but be aware that they can be very different in each country.


If you would like support, help or advice about how to get the best results from your marketing and events, then contact Denise on +44 208 995 9495 or email enquiries@www.outsourcedevents.com



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