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Employee Spotlight

When we work with you we like to think that we are an extension of your team. So, each month we like to shine a light on one of our fantastic team members, to give you an opportunity to get to know us a little better.

This Month

Jenny Riggs profile picture

Jenny Riggs

Account Manager e-Comms

“My fellow gin aficionado, Jenny is one of our key colleagues working behind the scenes and supporting the team across several events at any one time. Our website and registration guru, Jenny manages and works with a number of programs supporting different elements of each event. Jenny is in her element when given a new program to learn and will work tirelessly to understand how it works, its full capabilities and will test any system to breaking point – sometimes succeeding – on behalf of the client. One of our original work-from-home staff, Jenny has been able to offer sound advice to colleagues during the pandemic, not all of which have been gin related.” – Sue Frye, Director of Associations and Operations

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