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Medidata NEXT EMEA

Medidata NEXT is the premier EMEA clinical trials conference. In 2023 this annual flagship conference for thought leaders and innovators in Life Sciences and MedTech created an innovative, unforgettable experience for delegates and sponsors.

The Brief:

Plan a thoughtfully crafted series of events to engage customer and prospect audiences at all levels. The aims were to: 

  • Increase audience engagement
  • Support sales teams in identifying pipeline opportunities
  • Raise awareness of Medidata’s innovative end-to-end solutions 

Services Provided:

End-to-end event management including:

  • Location and venue sourcing, liaison, and management
  • Sponsorship liaison
  • Large-scale brand planning and delivery
  • Registration, badging, and delegate management


  • The series achieved all its primary objectives
  • Compelling, creative content gave greater understanding of the patient experience
  • Massive year-on-year increase in visits to booths to discuss solutions
At a Glance
Client Medidata Solutions
Location London, Tel Aviv, Basel

The Events

Thoughtfully crafted to engage customer and prospect audiences at all levels, from global pharma to CRO partners and small/emerging biotechs, Medidata NEXT EMEA was a series of free-to-attend, creative, informative, attractive Life Science immersive events in London, Tel Aviv, and Basel. 

Attracting a record number of external delegates, with keynotes, panel discussions, 35 sessions, and multiple workshops and roundtables, NEXT brilliantly communicated Medidata brand and messaging to core and emerging markets in key locations.

Location was key. Working closely with the Medidata EMEA team, we identified sites matching core (London, Basel) or emerging (Tel Aviv) markets. 

We carefully selected venues that share Medidata values of sustainability while offering maximum flexibility for branding opportunities to deliver a ‘wow’ factor. We paid particular attention to re-using and re-purposing where possible, considering production costs versus shipping and transportation between locations.  

In London, King’s Place provided extensive opportunities for branding, allowing us to create real brand impact. Its sustainable catering options aligned with Medidata’s values. 

Volkshaus, an unusual and historic setting in the heart of Basel, enabled sustainable transit options. EAST in Tel Aviv offered excellent opportunities for creative content and engagement, supporting sustainability values by enabling us to reuse and repurpose branding from London. 

With Patient Centricity core to Medidata, compelling, creative content was developed to give greater understanding of the patient experience. The experiential e-consent booth allowed delegates to move through a patient’s clinical trial journey from registration to trial participation.

We introduced light-hearted elements with gamification and interactivity – ‘spin the wheel’ was incredibly popular – as well as fun catering options like ‘Medidati Gelati’ and themed cocktails. 

Attendance at NEXT Basel increased by a massive 215% compared to 2022. London saw an increase of 31%. Overall, the series customer satisfaction rating was 87%, with half of the delegates at Tel Aviv rating it 100%.

Attracting a record number of external delegates, with keynotes, panel discussions, a choice of 35 sessions, and multiple workshops and roundtables, NEXT brilliantly communicated Medidata brand and messaging to core and emerging markets in key locations.


Designed to share the value of life science solutions from Medidata and the wider Dassault Systèmes portfolio, NEXT achieved all three of its primary core objectives.

Innovative, interactive content generated huge year-on-year growth in visits to booths to discuss solutions: a massive 281% increase in London. One sponsor was so delighted with their experience in London, they extended their partnership to include Basel.

About the Client

Medidata Solutions is leading the digital transformation of life sciences, with the world's most-used platform for clinical development, commercial, and real-world data. Medidata is a Dassault Systèmes company headquartered in New York City, with offices worldwide.

About Outsourced Events

Founded in 2001, Outsourced Events is an award-winning London-based event management agency with a global outlook. 

We are a team of event experts, providing a range of bespoke event management services. As an agency we embrace our clients' goals and become a part of their team. To find out how we can translate your event objectives into experiences and communications that excite and engage your audiences, get in touch today.

Medidata NEXT EMEA London
Medidata NEXT EMEA Tel Aviv

“During the project Outsourced Events almost become an extension of my marketing team, with no ask too onerous, or too small. ... The result was an extremely high quality, seamless event experience for our customer audience and fellow colleagues.”

Senior Director, EMEA Marketing at Medidata Solutions