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Project: Agile marketing resource
Location: UK
Dates: 01-10-2014 — 30-04-2015

Citrix Systems UK run an exciting and busy event schedule, as well as their usual marketing activities. The marketing team at Citrix, like every marketing team we work with, was stretched. This was exacerbated by the logistics involved when running an event and whilst essential, is time consuming and eats up valuable resource that can be better deployed elsewhere. This is when the team at Outsourced Events stepped in with an innovative solution that is proving a huge asset to the client.



Citrix Systems hire a dedicated member of Team OE for a few days a month to complete those time consuming tasks, such as organising banner production and shipment for events, setting up and breaking down stands at trade shows, onsite stand management, data input of lead forms post event and the sourcing, storage and management of marketing collateral and giveaways. This means that the client can concentrate on strategy and planning, rather than spending time on administration. It also means that they have a dedicated, agile marketing resource, focused on the role, who can complete the job quickly and who lives and breathes the client brand. What is more, as the arrangement is ad hoc, the peaks and troughs within the marketing schedule are easily managed without having to increase headcount.


Citrix has found that they can scale their team up and down easily at a fraction of the cost of adding to the headcount and they can phone or email the brief over, sometimes at short notice and feel totally confident that the job will be done.


In short, the Outsourced Events Agile Marketing Resource allows the client to remain cost effective and time efficient, making the most of marketing opportunities and continuing to deliver great return on investment.


To find out more about this cost effective service from Outsourced Events, speak to Denise Sharpe on +44 020 8995 9495 or email enquiries@www.outsourcedevents.com


Our services

– Banner Production & Shipment for Events

– Set up & Break Down of Trade Shows

– Onsite Stand Management

– Data Input of Lead Forms Post Event

– Badge Production for Seminars

– Sourcing, Storage & Management of Marketing Collateral & Giveaways

– Telemarketing Follow Up to Arrange Meetings or Reconfirm Attendance




Number of admin hours covered in six months



Savings made against employing a full time admin assistant


“This slick service offered by Outsourced Events has meant that we can scale our team very quickly at the fraction of the cost of increasing our headcount and we can relax, knowing that the brief will be executed on time and to a high standard”


Jilli Armitage
Regional Marketing Director
Northern Europe,

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