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In Focus: vFairs

Outsourced Events would like to present our ‘In Focus’ series in which we will take the time to reflect on our experience with virtual event platforms*, specific tools and technologies available. We hope that these articles will provide you with some more information about technologies and us as a company. In this third article we will focus on the platform vFairs.  … Read More »

How to tackle the challenges of working from home through the Covid-19 pandemic: A parent’s perspective

In this article Farah, a mother of two boys (aged 5 and 8) sets out her experience and shares her learnings, she doesn’t have all the answers but her helpful advice might be just what you needed to hear.   … Read More »

Thinking Outside the Platform – The Value of Virtual

The focus with a virtual event is as immersive as what is directly in front of you. This is your time to attention grab and shine. This is your opportunity to create a valuable, informative and exciting experience. Sure you don’t have catering to pay for, unless you choose to create buzz and send out delegate packs to people’s homes, sure you don’t have security to pay for, unless you engage a platform that does not have great firewall and privacy protocols, and you definitely save on all those venue hire and production shipping costs, if you engage a cheap platform that doesn’t have an opportunity for delegate engagement and includes links to a heap of YouTube videos. But is this the experience you want for your attendees?  … Read More »

A Guide to Virtual Event Marketing: Defining your Event

The strength and importance of a great event marketing campaign cannot be underestimated, and so we have designated a permanent slot in our newsletter to discuss all things marketing. This month we look at the importance of defining your virtual event. Although online events have been around for a while, we are all now experiencing, participating, and investing in more of them. In fact, in May 2020, the majority (93%) of event marketers planned to invest in virtual events moving forward, (Bizzabo, 2020). However, the unprecedented amount of online content has also led to virtual event and chat fatigue.   … Read More »

Learning from Major Disruption: One Year On

In March of 2020 Cassandra Keogh wrote an article detailing Learning from Major Disruptions, in the article she discussed how as businesses we could get through the pandemic. Almost a year later Cassandra revisits the article to discuss what we have learnt, what we are still learning and looking to the future.  … Read More »

Ensuring Accessibility and Inclusivity on Virtual Events

The incredible growth in virtual meetings and events over the last nine months has enabled organisations and companies to maintain and develop contact with new and existing members, clients and colleagues. Whilst this has been an important lifeline and, in many ways, has made global knowledge sharing easier, there remains one area that has been overlooked in the virtual world. We refer to accessibility and inclusivity which are both standard considerations on an event organiser’s checklist for live events.   … Read More »

In Focus: CrowdComms

In this month’s focus we will be looking at CrowdComms, who adapted their event app product in the face of the pandemic to their online event platform, VirtualCrowd. CrowdComms, was founded in 2011 starting life as an event application and registration service for maximising lead capture and delegate management at live events. In early 2020, they quickly added to the ‘new normal’ and created their own online event platform, VirtualCrowd.  … Read More »

Sommeliers, Salesmen and Software: Account-Based Marketing in the Virtual Sphere

Whilst we have managed to pivot from in-person to virtual events very successfully, one common challenge that we have had to overcome is the belief that it is hard to stimulate networking and connection opportunities in a virtual environment. Whilst nothing beats face-to-face interaction, at Outsourced Events we have challenged this belief and are determined to not only bring people together, but to do it in a way that is both fun and engaging with the ultimate goal of reinforcing the positive brand experience and creating lasting connections.  … Read More »

How Artificial Intelligence has Revolutionised the Virtual Event Environment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the branch of computer sciences used to programme machines to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. This cutting-edge technology is particularly relevant at present due to the shift towards the virtual event environment. AI is currently one of the most compelling tools available within the events industry.  … Read More »

From Standing Desks to Virtual Reality: How we are Adapting to the New Event Industry

2020 has been a year of challenge and change globally, as a company we have swiftly adapted to working from home and running events completely virtually, but these are not the only changes we have seen. This article explores some of the changes to the working landscape now and foreseeably, and shares some of the trends that we are seeing whilst reviewing some solutions to the virtual event dilemmas experienced by many.  … Read More »

Shared Learnings from the Tech and Associations Sectors

Whilst Outsourced Events’ business roots are firmly planted in the technology sector, we have for a number of years been supporting a growing number of associations and their events. In many respects an event is an event, but associations do present some different challenges to those in the tech world. Most of these are around the way programming is managed, with the heavy reliance on member volunteers, as well as some of the features and formats favoured by associations, including poster sessions which present one of the greatest challenges in the virtual world.  … Read More »

In Focus: Swapcard

In October Outsourced Events attended an annual conference as an exhibitor which, like many events this year, had been forced into the virtual sphere. From the wide range of platforms now available on the market Swapcard was chosen as the best fit for the conference which featured 250 exhibitors globally and 1,600 attendees. Swapcard was founded in 2013 and describe themselves as ‘a virtual tradeshow and conference platform, powered by artificial intelligence’.   … Read More »

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