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Choosing Your Event Format

Amy looks at the new conundrum facing event organisers – which event format should the event be held in? With the choice of virtual, hybrid and in-person events there is a lot to consider when you a looking to achieve optimum engagement and delegate satisfaction.   … Read More »

Return to In-Person Events

Event kits are being prepped, registration software and printers are being checked and final details are being discussed with venues. As the attention shifts from the virtual world of the past 18 months, what should you be considering as you prepare to return to in person events?   … Read More »

InFocus: LaunchPad6

LaunchPad6 is a competition management platform allowing you to create, personalise and manage contests and the judging process easily and efficiently. We decided that this would be the best solution for an event that recently launched, the Hack the Planet Competition 2021.   … Read More »

Introducing Outsourced Engagement

Celebrating our 20th anniversary this year has been an important milestone, particularly given the situation that we are all faced with the pandemic. We have always been extremely fortunate to have amazing clients that trust in the services that we provide.   … Read More »

The Great Hybrid Debate

Whilst we can agree that a hybrid event includes face-to-face and virtual aspects over a set period of time, a recent Swapcard survey (n=360 event professionals) confirms a little over 30% do not have a clear idea of what a hybrid event is, particularly a fixed definition and structure of this model (Swapcard, 2021).  … Read More »

Negotiating and Relationship Building with Venues and Platforms

Having a good relationship with the venue you are using is beneficial to both businesses for various reasons which can include preferential rates and terms, increased flexibility, a more personal service, widened business offerings and reduced stress levels!   … Read More »

The Social Significance: A look at Social Media’s Impact

Social media has been a key part of both our personal and business lives for years now, but with the world existing almost solely online for the past 18 months the role of social media has become intrinsic to business and event operations.   … Read More »

In Focus: Public Virtual Events (utilising Youtube Streaming)

As we navigate our way through the virtual event landscape, we are exploring multiple streaming services. Today, we would like to talk to you about Public Virtual Events using YouTube live streaming as the front-end platform. Hosting a live event on YouTube is a really accessible way of sharing your message with a large audience. There are no barriers to entry, as long as you have been supplied the link or are subscribed to the Youtube channel; you can watch, share comment and learn. Recently we executed an event on behalf of our client to share key updates to the public.   … Read More »

British Neuroscience Association: Festival of Neuroscience 2021

Outsourced Events successfully supported and helped pioneer the first virtual BNA2021 Festival of Neuroscience and produced an abundance of virtual-event converts. Across four days, from 12 – 15 April, the 1,500+ delegate event was triumphant in delivering an outstanding replacement for the usual live-event predecessors.  … Read More »

How Digital Technology is Reshaping the Events Industry

A lot has changed in the last 12 months for everyone, not least for the events industry. The pandemic has changed the way we communicate, as well as the way we perceive and experience events. As we start to see a route out of government restrictions, we take a look at how technology has taken a leap forward and is reshaping the events   … Read More »

Getting the Most from your Agency

With so many events agencies in the marketplace, it is often difficult for organisations to hone down which one will be the best fit for their requirements. We explore how to choose the best agency for your organisation, what you can do to enhance the results and what to look for when working together.  … Read More »

A Guide to Virtual Event Marketing: Event Day, Expectations and Engagement

On event day, don’t think your event marketing is done! You should be promoting your event as it happens and for the duration. This will help maintain a buzz, create a fear of missing out and help encourage interest for your next event.   … Read More »

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