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Have you ever wondered why you remember some moments in your life with absolute clarity? We’re pretty sure it’s all about emotion, so we’ve included an article offering some ideas on how you could make your event unforgettable by reaching out and touching your audience!

With the advent of spring and all things new, we also take a look at ways to freshen up your event by making one simple change.

And there’s also great, insider tips on a fabulous hidden traditional restaurant in Barcelona, an historical venue in Dublin, and this month our spotlight shines on the beautiful capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen.

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Debbie Jowett,
Marketing Manager
Outsourced Events

Reach out and touch someone…
Why is it that we can remember certain moments in our lives with absolute clarity, down to the colours, the sounds, even the smells? The day the Berlin Wall came down, a wedding, watching the story of 9/11 unfold; all these events instil a deep emotion within us.
Whether that emotion is fear, relief, horror or joy, it acts as a tag, bookmarking that moment in time, making it forever memorable. Imagine if you could tag your event with emotion…here are some ideas that could help you… Read More
How we improved customer retention from 10 to 28% with the addition of a loyalty campaign
You know the old adage, “a change is as good as a rest”, well actually it’s true! We demonstrate how making one simple change to your event can freshen it up and lead to an increase in registrations and retention. Find out more
Case Study: EMC lead with speed at their CIO event

We all love to feel special. Isn’t it a great feeling to walk into your favourite restaurant and the waiter remembers what you like? How about when you receive that extra something on your birthday from an online store?
Essentially it’s that personal touch that helps to build that important relationship. Find out how EMC did it in style at their CIO event that returned some amazing results…

See the case study >>



Thank you so much for all your hard work, patience, due diligence and support… You are a delight to work with. 

Louise Matthews
Snr Channel Marketing Manager EMEA
OE took every effort to ensure that the event was successfully delivered and managed throughout… Looking forward to working with the team throughout 2014 

Adrian Turner
EMEA Partner Manager
SevOne, Inc
March 2014 ISSUE
Restaurant of the Month
La Cuina d’en Garriga, Barcelona, Spain

Our team visited this one whilst at EIBTM in November and it’s fabulous. With a deli at the front and the tables at the back, serving traditional, fresh Catalan cuisine. The wine and food are delicious, ask for recommendations as the staff are multilingual.

To find out more visit their website >>
Venue of the Month
Four Seasons, Dublin, Eire

A really beautiful hotel, oozing historic sophistication, set in a tranquil suburb of the city yet only minutes from the centre of Dublin. It also has plenty of versatile meeting space.

To find out more visit their website >>
Location of the Month
Copenhagen, Denmark

As one of Northern Europe’s main airports and traffic hubs, Copenhagen is easily accessed from worldwide destinations. Danes are apparently the happiest people in the world and it’s not surprising as their capital city is so beautiful.

For more information on Copenhagen, visit this website >>


VCE Tech Summit London 

SevOne at Cisco Live ANZ Melbourne Australia 

SevOne Presidents Club St Thomas US Virgin Islands

We’ve been looking at a networking mobile app called Glancee that helps you discover and connect with new interesting people around you. Essentially it finds people near you, with the same interests, so is great for networking at events. In May 2012, Facebook bought the app and they are currently developing it further.
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