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Project: Evening hospitality at Cinecitta Studios, Rome Italy
Location: Cinecitta Studios Rome
Date: 26-02-2014

Following three days of training sessions, meetings and workshops as part of the EMC Assurance Suite User Group which took place at the Hilton Rome in February, the team at Outsourced Events put together an evening program of hospitality for the attendees. The goal was to find a unique venue to allow the guests, who had come from across Europe, to experience something a bit different.


The chosen venue was the legendary Cinecitta Studios in Rome, the largest film studio in Europe with 22 stages and 2 permanent sets. Following a cocktail reception, the guests enjoyed a tour of the studio and museum, dinner and entertainment in the form of a competition with prizes.


Hosting the event at such a unique and interesting venue made the evening memorable for all, which was reflected in the excellent feedback.


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