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Outsourced Events called on to create Imperva’s “Call Down Day”


So, you want to run an event that rewards your sales team, strengthens the team comradery and provides some valuable training. You want to make it fun and worthwhile but you know that taking your team out of action for a day or two will have an effect on the sales pipeline. Imperva came up with the perfect solution and asked the team at Outsourced Events to step in and help.

The answer was a “Call Down Day” which centred around the idea of holding a sales competition on the phones to book new business meetings. With fantastic prizes for the winners as well as recognition and praise in front of peers and top executives, it played to the team’s competitive spirit, ensuring that a record number of meetings would be booked and also meant that the sales team were not out of action for the whole day.

The challenge for Outsourced Events was to find a call centre big enough to accommodate the whole of Imperva’s EMEA Sales team with the required space to provide some kind of entertainment and lunch. It soon became clear that a ready-made space did not exist, so the project team at Outsourced Events approached Mercedes Benz World in Surrey. It offered corporate hospitality packages with driving experiences and most importantly the space required to set up a temporary call centre. OE sourced appropriate furniture and enlisted the help of Etherlive to set up VoIP lines to create a robust phone network that could maintain quality connections even when a huge quantity of calls were being made at the same time.

The event began with the business meeting, training and brainstorming sessions. In the afternoon, the group was split into two groups, one making phone calls, the other enjoying a driving experience out on the track, then they swapped. Prizes included a solo-driving experience and Apple watches.

The day was deemed a huge success! Not only did Imperva train its sales team, it also energised and motivated the group, strengthening relationships horizontally as well as vertically whilst achieving all its objectives and creating a record pipeline!

If you want help and support to run a sales kick off, then call for a chat with Denise Sharpe on 0208 995 9495 or email info@www.outsourcedevents.com.


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