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Five things that won’t happen when using face to face internal communications



A recent study by the Harvard Business Review showed that most business leaders put a huge emphasis on face to face meetings, revealing that they believe it to be directly linked to the bottom line. In fact 95 per cent of those surveyed said that face to face meetings were essential for forming long lasting business relationships. The survey, actually was looking at external communications, yet shouldn’t we apply the same theory internally? After all, every member of the team affects the bottom line.

Virtual communication certainly has its place, but we are all surrounded by so much noise that sometimes we need time to focus. Face to face meetings need to be included in the mix, and here’s why;


Your message won’t be diluted

In face to face meetings, our brains process non-verbal cues. Facial expressions, images, colours, gestures, tone of voice and body language, all of which help cement your message in the mind.


You won’t be stuck for creative ideas

We rely on the immediate response of others to gauge how well our ideas are being accepted. Face to face meetings by their very nature, therefore become a creative place to share ideas.


Your team won’t feel isolated

With all the non-verbal communication and cues, you’ll find that relationships within your team should strengthen and internal communication generally will improve.


You won’t be isolated

Your team will take your verbal and non-verbal cues and understand that your motives match your rhetoric, so you can build a culture of trust and respect.


There won’t be too much noise

By noise, of course, we mean all the other distractions, like emails, social media, the latest industry publication, and all accessible when you’re on a conference call. If you’re in a face to face meeting, it is a lot more focused and dare we say, there are less places to hide!


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