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Event Apps, the choices…



What is a good event app? We think one that enhances the delegate experience, simplifies it, creates additional value and benefits everyone.


Easy to sign up and manage registrations

This is the first customer touch point and sets the scene for the day ahead – if badly organized, it can be messy and time-consuming leaving a poor impression of your brand. An app that lets you register in a few clicks and helps the organizer to manage the registration process efficiently is invaluable.


Create a personalised agenda

Most conferences offer a full programme with a large choice of sessions to attend, hospitality functions to meet peers, hands-on workshops to get involved in and sponsors to network with. Give your attendees the ability to choose their sessions in advance and plan their day to establish their personal conference agenda. As well as enabling them to maximise their time at the event, it also offers the organiser valuable data on their key interests for future marketing as well as numbers for practical logistics on the day.


Exchange contact details and monitor leads

Networking is a key driver for attendance at events particularly between sponsors and delegates. By introducing a “lead capture” form linked to badge scanning within the event app offers everyone a practical and efficient solution to monitoring and tracking leads.


Ability to work offline

Ever been to a conference or event with poor WiFi access? There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to access information when you need it. To combat this ever arising we strongly recommend having the ability for the app to work offline.


Attendee networking and messaging

Some event apps have the capability to allow visitors to detect other interesting people in the venue and make contact through the app – a great way to enhance the networking onsite.


Audience interactivity and participation

An app function that facilitates audience participation during the sessions allows delegates to gain valuable feedback and engage with the presenters in real-time. It also offers a great opportunity to conduct market-research amongst a large sample size which can then be re-packaged post-event for social media engagement and to gain press interest.


Intuitive Design

The simpler the design the bigger uptake and usage your app will get and the greater likelihood that the engagement will continue after the event. So bear this in mind when you appoint your developer – we have learnt through trial and error that it often benefits to keep the template creation with a design agency and the building with a separate development expert to gain the right balance between looks and usability.

The Event Manager blog has put together a comprehensive list of event apps that are available, you can download it here.


If you need any further help with your events, then drop us a line on 0208 995 9495 or email Denise Sharpe at enquiries@www.outsourcedevents.com

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