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Does your event need the “green” light?



With the ever increasing pressures on our environment from a growing global population, sustainability is becoming part of the mission statement of many companies. Events, as we all know, have always had a tendency to create a lot of waste and generally be environmentally “unfriendly”. In some cases, agencies, event planners and venues need to demonstrate their green credentials before winning the business. With this in mind, we’ve put together six thoughts and ideas to help give your event the “green” light.


Choose a venue with plenty of natural light

If at all possible, choosing a venue with plenty of natural light will mean that you can turn off some of the lights. A back lit registration desk makes it easy to see and means you can use less artificial light.


Make recycling easy

There are never enough recycling bins at events. They are placed by the doors rather than by the stands where most of the waste is generated. Add more recycling bins and include in all your event collateral details of how more unusual items can be recycled, like food or clothing.


Reduce paper, go digital

Most delegates now expect an event app instead of a printed show guide, but if your budget doesn’t stretch to that, then a website, emails and social media work too. Instead of lots of paper folders filled with literature, opt for USB sticks instead. We also found some great lead capture software from Forms2Mobile which allows you to build your own form to capture the data that you need from your event via a mobile device, so there is no need for a clipboard and pen, lead forms or scanners.


Source your giveaways locally and make sure they are recycled

Reduces your carbon footprint! There is an abundance of merchandise available now that has been made from recycled material and that can be recycled afterwards.


Keep your signage generic

It’s not always possible, but if you can keep as much of your signage as generic as possible, then you could reuse it for future events. The same is true for your stand, we’ve had stands designed for clients in this way and not only does it reduce waste but costs too! We love a win-win!


Make it fun and get everyone on-board

No one will know what you are doing unless you tell them! Make sure you include all the details of what you are doing to improve sustainability in all your event collateral. You could also have an award for the “greenest” delegate or exhibitor.


If you would like support, help or advice about how to get the best results from your events, then contact Denise on +44 208 995 9495 or email enquiries@www.outsourcedevents.com



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