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Project: Dell Cloud Client-Computing
Location: EMEA Wide
Dates: 30-06-2010 — 31-03-2015

Dell Cloud Client-Computing, formerly Wyse Technology, offer end-to-end solutions for desktop virtualization, partnering with other established companies like Citrix and VMware. Since 2010, the Outsourced Events e-Comms team has supported the EMEA wide communications plan, which included their transition from Wyse to Dell Cloud Client-Computing.


Having worked in the technology sector for over fourteen years and with a dedicated e-Comms team, Outsourced Events were well placed to provide the service. Working with their in-house team, liaising with a bank of suppliers including copywriters, translation services and designers, Outsourced Events executed product promotions, event & webinar invitations, seasonal promotions, partner communications, newsletters and more.


As well as build, the service included: data management, with cleaning, monitoring and uploading; data segmentation, to ensure that contacts received a relevant message and in the appropriate language; creating feedback forms and pushing these to the appropriate sales and marketing teams; proofing and quality control to ensure that brand guidelines were consistently followed and that the e-DMs were of a consistently high standard, thus improving engagement.


Finally, Outsourced Events were able to deliver a post campaign report and analysis to help the client to recognise what was driving engagement and therefore to plan future communications.


To find out more about e-Comms and how the team from Outsourced Events could help you, contact Freya Breitenbach on +44 020 8995 9495.


Our services

–  Copywriter liaison

–  Translator liaison

–  Design & graphics liaison

–  Data Management

–  Communications Schedule Management

–  E-mail system set-up

–  Segmentation Management

–  eDM build

–  Data analysis

–  Proofing & Quality Control

–  ‘Call me’ form build & management




Individual emails sent*



Different countries engaged*




*since October 2011

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