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Time for a new approach?


A recent Harvard Business Review article, “The end of solutions sales”, suggests that organisations need to fundamentally rethink the training and support provided to their internal and external sales teams. Responding to a request for proposal is largely a hygiene factor and, the way forward the article continues, is by turning the discussion with a customer from a clearly defined set of requirements into a thought provoking discussion around emerging needs.


It’s an old but true saying: If you continue to do the same thing, you’ll get the same results. We work closely with clients to plan and deliver events that are memorable, unexpected and, most importantly, effective.


We have recently worked with a client, without a European marketing team, to increase brand awareness, demand for their products as well as helping to establish a sales pipeline for their newly created European channel.


We also recommended, organised and delivered a roadshow for one of our clients who had traditionally launched new products via webinars. This enabled the client to engage with their channel at the early stages of the launch and, in turn, allowed our client to share their view of the market and how to competitively position the new products. Both sides gained valuable insight from each other, strengthening partnerships and increasing sales.

If you are planning your next channel communication or product introduction, and are considering a different approach, or need inspiration, talk to us on 0208 995 9495 or email Denise Sharpe via enquiries@www.outsourcedevents.com.


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