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Ten tips to help you to deliver a consistent brand message across multiple event locations


The Holy Grail of any event is to break all attendance records, increase the sales pipeline and give an amazing return on investment. Whilst we don’t claim to know all the secrets, the team here at Outsourced Events has certainly learnt a thing or two in the last twelve years.

Something we’ve seen deliver, time and again, is brand consistency. This may seem really obvious, but when you’re running multiple events across the globe to your sales team and channel partners, this is no mean feat!  Delivering a unified cohesive, message helps everyone to understand your proposition and gives a better overall experience. Your channel and sales team can effectively sell and importantly, your target market understands what you offer. Brand consistency also makes it much easier to give delegates and sponsors a consistent experience. The impression they get of you at the event is one that will stay with them, so a professional, cohesive, consistent experience is a must.

Delivering events across multiple countries and cultures is something we’ve done many times, so here are a few tips to get your sales teams and channel partners singing the same tune:


  • Centralising as much as possible – double whammy here, not only do you see a consistent message, but there is no doubt that it also delivers big cost savings as you design everything once and execute it many times. So keep budgets, designs, copy and layouts centrally managed.
  • Make sure you have an up to date brand guidelines document sent to all the interested parties, to ensure that everything is consistent.
  • Have all your templates standardised and sent to all the local suppliers, so that there is no margin for change
  • Also have guidelines for any sponsor booths/exhibitors to keep everything consistent
  • Write one set of copy for all your email communications, then have that translated into the multiple languages.
  • Make sure all your stakeholders understand the message – we recommend kicking off the project with a meeting for all your key partners, suppliers and staff to make sure that they understand your brand and message.
  • Create some excitement and buzz about the events at the meeting – give out event kits with posters, planners, dates, countdown clocks etc, delivering the message and advertising social media channels to share the buzz
  • Set up bulletin boards across the local offices/partners – keep the boards updated with week by week details about the events
  • Use social media to deliver the same message – digital bulletin boards! Keep these fresh and updated with articles and photos.
  • When choosing the venues, think about the layout and how you can make sure that the style and layout flows in the same way at each location.

If you need help and support with your events, we understand just how much there is to do, so let us take care of it all whilst you concentrate on the strategy, email Deb Jowett or call 020 8995 9495


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