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How engaging is your Virtual Sales Kick-Off?



Face to face meetings and events are essential to day to day business. We would say that, obviously, but when 90% of communication is non-verbal, via facial expressions, gestures and emotion, it stands to reason that a meeting room full of people will create more energy and engagement than one person and a device on their own. Sometimes, however, circumstances don’t always allow for a face to face meeting, particularly in the case of sales kick-offs when international travel, accommodation, room hire and food over the course of two days can be expensive. This is where the virtual sales kick off has come into play. The challenge, however, is to ensure that your meeting is full of energy and that your sales team remains fully engaged and can continue to benefit from the meeting throughout the course of the year.

Going hybrid…

Without a doubt, great and engaging speakers feed off the energy of their live audience, so we would always advocate wherever possible to deliver your presentations to a room of people. Why not gather the local sales team to HQ, where your sales directors can kick off the sales strategy. At the same time, stream to other locations where the other local teams have gathered.


Reducing accommodation & travel costs

Streaming live means that accommodation and travel costs are kept to a minimum as local teams would travel to their local office and would not need to stay overnight if you ran a one day kick-off. You are, however still bringing the team together so that you can boost morale and build team relationships.


Reducing the number of lost selling days

This is a huge challenge too, how to ensure that the team are fully au fait with the sales strategy, new products and training without losing too many sales days? Well, you could run a one day sales kick-off to deliver the key messages and strategy as well as any vital workshops and product launches. Any other content that is relevant could be prerecorded and posted on an internal sales portal for the team to access at their leisure. The portal would in effect become a hub allowing access to the recorded plenary and any new product training that may have launched after the kick off.
Training new starters instantly becomes easier and as only 25% of content from presentations is ever absorbed, the sales team can access key messages and takeaways throughout the year, getting maximum value from the spend.
Easier sales meetings
Organising future meetings becomes easier because it is just one day. Scheduling suddenly becomes much more flexible and production time is less, so in effect, if you want to run more meetings to reinforce your messages, give updates and generally stay in touch with the team, then you can.
If you would like support, help or advice organising your sales kick off, then contact Debbie on +44 208 995 9495 or email info@www.outsourcedevents.com

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