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British Airway’s adds a personal flight path to dashboard



BA.com has recently used big data to great effect by adding a new feature to it’s website. Once users have logged in to their dashboard, they can see a series of facts about their travels. This includes, how many cities they have visited, how many miles they have flown, how long they have spent in the air and it’s all displayed in a clear, easily digestible format. Essentially, it’s a personal infographic that changes as you make further flights with BA. Of course, it isn’t 100% accurate and doesn’t give details of any other carriers you may have flown with, but it is great fun and it’s a nice piece of marketing.


The team here at OE, have been having a look at the feature today and we were really surprised at just how many hours we’ve spent travelling. We had a little competition in the office and some of the results are as follows…


Raul Ruiz, one of our Events Executives has flown the length of the Nile over four and a half times and has spent two whole days in the air.



Carla Costa, our Events Director has travelled three times around the Earth and visited seventeen different cities but she was narrowly pipped by Sofie.



Sofie Kallenius, our Accounts Manager has travelled from pole to pole 7.7 times and visited 18 cities.



The dashboard also has a series of tabs that lets you see which cities you have travelled to on a map and then breaks down the facts and figures by continent too. Take a look for yourself at BA.com.

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