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How maintaining a consistent brand across multiple events isn’t as hard as you think



So, you’ve signed up to exhibit at a series of forums throughout EMEA, which will place you firmly, face to face with your target audience. Let’s say there are eight locations, which means eight different venues, agencies and local Marketing teams not to mention the stand builders and production company.


Ensuring that your brand message stays consistent and doesn’t become diluted during this process can be a challenge, which is why we’ve put together some tips to help. Of course, outsourcing the management of your presence to an event agency would make it even easier for you and could save costs, but then we would say that!


1. Nominate one person to act as the “single point of contact” across the series


Ensuring that you have one person responsible for the series, means that they become the “font of all knowledge” and have a clear overall picture of the objectives and goals for the event strategy. It also helps to keep all internal communications clear with the aim of guaranteeing quality and consistency.


2. Create an internal brand compliance document for the project


This should cover all elements of your brand presence at the series to include the following items:


• Stand plan – how the space will be utilised in every location

• Artwork graphics – standardised across all booths

• Show guide/ App advertising – standardised throughout

• Key messaging – including what documents if any should be displayed on the stand

• Give-aways – merchandise pre-branded for the event

• Bag insert – standardised across all locations

• Centralised presentations for any included speaking slots

• Logo usage – guidelines for how the brand should appear on fascia boards, signage and other promotional items

• Email template – including copy-blocks for use by internal teams to promote your presence at the show

• Lead capture forms – standardised so that data is fed back post-show in the same format across all locations

• Lead retrieval scanners – include additional bar-codes to reflect product interest

• Social media – suggest sample tweets and frequency to create social media coverage

• Photos – agree set of photos of booth and event experience to demonstrate consistency post-event

• Post-event follow up – including timelines and guidelines on how to develop ROI


3. Centralise as much as possible


Keeping budgets, artwork, copy and stand plans all centrally managed produces a double win. Not only will you see consistent messaging, but it will also deliver big cost savings by producing once and leveraging multiple times.



4. Use social media to deliver the same message


Choose hashtags before the events and encourage all interested parties to use them throughout the forum series to reinforce your message. Keep all streams fresh and updated.


If you need some more advice or help then ring for a chat on 0208 995 9495 or email Denise Sharpe at enquiries@www.outsourcedevents.com



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